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Thanks to all the awesome photographers whose photos I've used and I loved working with - Alla Sanders, Anton Oltar, Jason Wen, Bruno Fernandez, Claudia Moroni, Derek Lau, Gabriel Corcuera, Mike Lin, Ricardo Cano, Jaime Leme, Mark Dolman, Kai Clear, Richard Kaby.

Me and my mum Alla Sanders are co-founders of the British luxury brand Fennec London. The art created for wearing silk scarves, pocketsquares and fine art prints are  meticulously hand drawn by me then scanned and printed in England, hand rolled with labels and packaging also made in England. See our website and follow on instagram @fenneclondonscarves.









From 2009-2013 I worked with the awesome artist Lenka Horakova under the name Akleriah. Having met whilst studying our art degree at Goldsmiths me and Lenka soon found much in common and did many fabulous things together including performance art pieces for the opening of the East London Line, Shunt, at Tate Britain, Queen's House, Knitting and Stitching Show, Turner Contemporary, among others. Whilst we worked we worked on the concepts together Lenka took the lead on choreography whilst I focused on costumes and visuals. We won several awards including one for wearable art at The National Quilting show competing for England against Russia and Ireland and worked with the most amazing musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, poets, historians, curators, students, artists. During this period we worked with the lovely John of Platform 7 events and received Arts Council funding for our Re-Imagining Tights project. We set up a network of tights recycling bins over the city of London and worked with the Central School of Speech and Drama MA musical theatre students. The Tights Ball project is still ongoing, contact for more info. There's much documentation of our work, but here's my favourite videos and photos! Lenka is currently busy with family and horticultural pursuits as we try to see each other when we can.


















I met fabulous artist and costume designer Bettina John  when she was doing her masters and I was doing by BA at Goldsmiths university. We've worked on several projects and always supported each other's art, the latest collaboration over the past couple of years for her fine art work with me creating headpieces and embroidered chest pieces as well as makeup for characters Belinda Evangelica and Collbee Hawkins. The latest collaboration is going to be exhibited in Germany from January 2019 for 6 months. For more info see her website! Scroll through the gallery to see some of our work together.

Painter Anya Charikov-Mickleburgh and I met whilst working as embroidery assistants for the artist Hew Locke. We collaborated on an item of wearable art that was exhibited  and performed at her solo show at the Rossotrudnichestvo  - the Russian Culture centre in Kensington. This dress was created out of her paintings, recycled stuffed vintage gloves hand stitched and some wearing old broken watches. Scroll though to see photos of the exhibition, performance (as Akleriah) and recent photos of actress Ruby wearing the dress at an event.

I met Laura Cherry at school in Kettering where she modelled for me a lot, both of us ended up studying in London. Being a dancer she and her friend Treacle Holasz founded the collective the Meyer Dancers We have creatively collaborated on several projects over the years, the most fascinating for me was when Treacle asked me to design a skirt for a dance performance she was collaborating on about the female's experience of abortion. This skirt was intricately hand embroidered out of her and mine personal objects to symbolise the potentially male and female genders of the potential offspring.






Akleriah - Margnification