Silk lined facemask with rainbow Swarovski crystals

Silk lined facemask with rainbow Swarovski crystals

One off bespoke face mask to help you get through the tough times looking  glam!

 Some of the proceedings  will go towards materials  I need for creating facemasks  to donate  to those in need.

Made out of a beautiful sparkly fabric, lined in silk, with lots of sparkly Swarovski crystals all over. I used gorgeous Swarovski crystals, and beaded all around with Czech Preciosa beads. The elastic is actually crochet tights! 

100% handmade, no sewing machine used 🙂

Imperfections and irregularities are part of the beauty of this product due to nature of craftsmanship and use of reclaimed and vintage materials therefore should not be considered as faults.

Lovingly  beaded  and decadent.

I recommend  wearing  over a disposable  mask to keep  fabulous  for longer. Steaming your mask after ever use will keep it fresh.