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Anna Kompaniets is an artist/designer living and working in London, focusing on wearable and performative art and creative director at Fennec London scarves.


Born in Tver, Russia, Anna lived in England since the age of 12. Creative from an early age Anna interned for and worked for some of the most influential fashion designers and artists in England since the age of 16 - including the late Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Andrew Logan among others; studied fine art at Goldsmiths university.

From 2009-2015 Anna worked with artist Lenka Horakova as Akleriah -  a performance art duo creating site specific experiental events combining fine art, contemporary and classical music and dance, poetry, fashion and other mediums. A selection of their performances can still be found online, including videos on Akleriah YouTube. Most memorable works include locations such as Tate Britain, the East London line, The Queen's House among others.


Recycling and upcycling has been as huge part in her work, having received Arts Council funding for the Re-Imagining tights project in collaboration with Platform-7 to tackle tights waste in London. Educating audiences about the effects of consumerism has been a long time passion of Anna who is keen to make this exciting as well as enlightening.

Hats, headpieces, jewellery, bow ties and embroidered coats as well as larger less wearable costumes are meticulously hand made in Anna's London studio, mainly from recycled materials with semi precious gemstones, Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals. Having graced the heads and bodies of many London's glitterati Anna is constantly discovering new techniques and materials and works on a commission  basis, a small selection is available ready-to-wear on her Etsy shop.

Creative face art is a signature of Anna and her work. Photo shoots or a makeup stations at events; she fell in love with face art at an early age, falling head over heels with her grandma's magenta lipstick when she was 6, at 14 she realised that red lipstick was the true epitome of glamour and haven't looked back. Her style of black line drawings around the eyes developed when she was around 19 and as she always did  family and friends makeup and hair she started to get asked to do it for work. She's always interested to try something new, collaborate on an exciting concept, challenge the boundaries of makeup. When it comes to hair - for her it's a frame for the makeup - Anna often challenges herself to put unexpected things in it, often it's flowers faux and real offset by a pretty up-do, a cascade of flowing curls or a wig she manipulated in an interesting colour. There's no gender when it comes to makeup, we all just want to feel and look beautiful and magical..


Anna is also recognised as a stylist with a special focus on styling scarves.

Her work is intricately detailed and hand crafted, beautiful yet thought provoking, made from mainly recycled materials. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and fashion she takes the everyday and turns it into fantastical stories to be experienced by wearing or attending one of her performative events.

At the moment Anna is interested in creating creative exuberant events by blurring the boundaries of fine art, fashion and entertainment with a focus on being environmentally friendly.


In October 2018 Anna took part in Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World at the Globe Theatre.

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