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 We offer a full creative solution for your event!

Scroll down for photos of some of our most exquisite events.

Are you a brand looking for innovative way to engage with your clients and potential clients?

Are you looking to host an opulent corporate or charity event?

Are you a gallery, a museum or an art fair looking to animate your art and educate your audience in an exciting fun and creative way?

If the answer is yes, then simply contact us!

Here's some of our most memorable events:

Catherine Walker couture annual Flower Walk during Chelsea Flower Show on King's Road, Chelsea, with sponsors including Hayford & Rhodes flowers, Paperself among others.

Sutton House takeover launching Breaker's Yard with artist Gavin Turk and House of Fairytales using local kids and Sutton House employees as some of the performers. with sponsors including Kenwood and Victorinox.

Performance art inspired by the paintings and the history of The Queens House, Greenwich, with a cast of classical musicians, contemporary dancers, performance artists and a circus performer.

UNICEF charity gala - a performative workshop creating flower pins out of recycled plastic bags using crochet.

A couture catwalk with creative makeup at Kensington Palace for a BroadOak Fund charity gala.