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Commission Anna to create an intricately handcrafted item of recycled wearable art for you or your event, simply get in touch!

- a full costume 

A full costume intricately handcrafted from recycled materials, here's some examples:

A decadent cocktail dress created for Alternative Miss World topped with a headpiece made from plastic bags, tights, seashells, pebbles, corks, marbles, Swarovski and semi-precious stones.

This magical outfit was meticulously hand made using plastic bags, tights, bottletops, Swarovski and can be also worn separately as a skirt or top, with lights!

Having worked with tights as a material for over 15 years, as well as receiving Arts Council England funding for research Anna loves creating costumes out of them. Tights are cut into yarn and then meticulously crocheted into costumes. They are a fantastic material to use as the costumes fit a variety of sizes due to stretch and are easy to wash and very durable. A simple dress made from tights is made from around a 100+ pairs, here are some of the tights dresses Anna created in the past.

Anna embellished this old men's shirt with bottletops in opulent golds and black, as worn by artist Gavin Turk at the launch of Breaker's Yard at Sutton House and by actor Rhys Pridmore.

This skirt was created for a contemporary dance piece by Treacle Holasz of Meyer Dancers and Marina Poyiadji in Greece. The performance was about the dancer's joint experiences of going through an abortion -  Anna created the skirt using their personal mementos as a base - a sort of shrine to the void that was left by the trauma.