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Catherine Walker 3rd Annual Flower Walk tomorrow!

Having been a fan of Catherine Walker since seeing a photo of Princess Diana wearing one when I was a child, I am truly passionate about the brand. Not only timelessly elegant, Catherine Walker clothes are beautiful on the inside - lined with the finest silk, handfinished and produced on site. Having worked closely with Said Ismail to come up with the concept, Flower walk shows that Catherine Walker is relevant in the 21st century - more then ever, an event which encapsulates the joyful vivacious spirit of the brand as can be interpreted through the butterfly logo.

This year I'm excited to be collaborating with florist Hayford & Rhodes and Paperself for eyelashes and temporary tattoos.

Meet me and my ethereal flower goddesses at 1.30pm at Duke of York square tomorrow, Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

Stay tuned on my Insta! @kompanietsanna

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